Support Groups

Peer support groups are available in many formats. Whether you are newly diagnosed, a long time survivor or dealing with an advanced form of thyroid cancer, find support from others who understand your journey.

Information posted on any support group should not serve as a substitute for consultation, diagnosis, or medical treatment from a qualified medical practitioner or healthcare provider.

ThyCa Support Groups
ThyCa sponsors many local, person-to-person, email and on–line peer support groups and forums.

Anaplastic Thyroid Cancer – ATC
A Facebook support group for those who have ATC and their families and friends. Anaplastic Thyroid Cancer, is a rare, aggressive cancer—less than 1% of all Thyroid Cancers.

Thyroid Patients Canada
A Facebook group for engaging in evidence-based peer support, tips, advice, and collaborative inquiry.

ThyCa Friends – A Madness Free Zone
Private Facebook discussion group.

Other Helpful Resources

Norman Parathyroid Center
Bone loss will eventually have it’s own page, meanwhile this educational site contains extensive parathyroid information.

Swallowing Exercises
Exercises can help alleviate the sensations of tightness or “choking” following thyroid and other neck/oral surgery.
Swallowing Exercises for Patients 

Thyroid Cancer Connect
Thyroid Cancer peer support group and discussion community.

A private Facebook support group for anyone affected by Medullary Thyroid Cancer. A place of comfort, friendship and up to date information.

Thyroid UK
Support group for all thyroid patients in the UK and Europe on Health Unlocked.

BTCT is the only registered charity in the UK dedicated solely to the support of people affected by by Thyroid Cancer.

Butterfly Thyroid Cancer Trust
Facebook Group

Basic Intro to T3, T4, FT3 and FT4 after Thyroidectomy 
A blog by a biomedical engineer ThyCa member to help those who are doing poorly on replacement hormones after thyroidectomy but need a more science oriented guide on using T4 and T3, or natural thyroid (NDT). Additional discussion on various other associated issues.