Many abbreviations and terms used when talking about thyroid cancer may be new to you.  This is a list of some commonly used phrases, terms and abbreviations with brief explanations to help you navigate more easily. 

About Thyroid and Cancer

National and International thyroid and thyroid cancer organizations.


Thyroid caancer treatment from specialist centers and NCI designated comprehensive cancer centers.

Support Groups and Forums

Online and in person peer to peer support groups. Plus other useful resources.
Information posted on any support group should not serve as a substitute for consultation, diagnosis, or medical treatment from a qualified medical practitioner or healthcare provider.

Further Reading

Trusted sites to access research and education.

Pathways Guide Forms

A set of downloadable forms to help you organize your journey.
Set up your own Pathways Guide in a looseleaf notebook where you can gather information about your diagnosis and treatment. Add copies of your lab test results, imaging and pathology reports, some blank sheets to write down your questions and download the forms to help organize your personal and health care team information.